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Click the image above to read our report "Nurses Advancing Practice Through Research 2014," or read/download this PDF version.

Our nursing research report – Nurses Advancing Practice Through Research 2014 – is a proud showcase of some of the important research contributions our nurses have led or been involved in the last year. Highlights include:

  • A study that found that shift changes between nurses are best done in person at the bedside. Traditionally, the transfer of accountability has occurred away from the bedside, either through audiotaped or verbal reports.
  • Multi-component delirium prevention strategies to reduce its frequency and complications among patients.
  • The development of an educational intervention to better support psychiatric mental health nurses when conducting suicide risk assesments.

These are but three examples of our nurses generating new knowledge to advance the profession and contribute to better patient care. We invite you to read the report to learn more about how we are building nursing research capacity at St. Michael’s.

  • Past Nurses Advancing Practice Through Research reports: 2010, 2008

Our vision

Research is a key element of professional nursing practice. From conducting research to using research findings in practice or bringing evidence to the point of care, nursing research helps improve patient care. Involving those providing care in research efforts improves the likelihood of evidence-based care and safer care practices. Grounded in the goal of ensuring our patients receive optimal nursing care, our vision is to build a strong foundation to enable discoveries of care and nursing practice that are shared both within the hospital and the larger health-care community. From this vision, our key research priority is to determine best practices and for nurses to implement and evaluate to improve patient care.

Our Future

Clinical nurses are involved in the research process through a mentorship framework and integrated curriculum. This strategy equips nurses with the competencies required to develop, implement and evaluate research projects that are based on a clinical idea and/or improvement.

Our nurses are involved in research by through strong partnerships with our affiliated academic institutions and other partners. We are also focused on developing tools and resources to assist nurses in their everyday practice to ensure that patients receive the best care possible. Through discoveries from research, our nurses continue to contribute to ensuring that quality-care practices are developed and shared within the hospital and with other health-care settings.