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Kidney Stone Prevention Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the dietitian and nephrologist discuss with me?

  • The dietitian will go over your medical history, urine and blood tests and your food diary. It is important to write down your food and fluid intake for three days so the dietitian can give you specific suggestions for lifestyle and diet changes to help reduce the risk of forming kidney stones.
  • The nephrologist is the kidney doctor. He/she will go over your medical history, urine and blood tests and do a physical exam. The doctor will make suggestions for lifestyle and medications that may help reduce the risk of forming kidney stones.

Is there any preparation for me to do before collecting my urine?

No. Eat and drink like normal before you do the urine collection. This gives the dietitian and nephrologist a clear picture of how your diet may be increasing your risk for kidney stones.

Why do I need to drop off two urine collections?

Results may be different based on the day it is collected. The dietitian and nephrologist look at both collections to determine abnormal findings that may be increasing your risk for kidney stones.

Will I need to give blood twice?

No. Only one blood test is required when you drop off your first urine collection.

What do I do if I want to have urine collections after the class and was not given a urine requisition?

Contact your family doctor for a referral to the Stone Prevention Clinic. After you have asked your family doctor for a referral, call the clinic at 416-867-7460 ext. 8114 or email stoneprevention@smh.ca to let the coordinator know that a referral has been sent.

Can I drop off the urine collection to any lab?

No. It is a MUST that the urine collection be brought ONLY to St. Michael’s lab (see address details in urine collections instructions). The lab at St. Michael’s Hospital tests all urine markers that the nephrologist and dietitian will need to determine abnormal findings.

What if I live farther away and I can’t make two trips to drop off the urine collections?

You can send the urine collection by courier/mail:

St. Michael’s Hospital
30 Bond St. Toronto ON M5B 1W8.
Attention: Core Lab 2CC- Room 2005CC

The requisition for the urine collection is required to be attached when mailed. Also, we need you to notify the clinic at 416-867-7460 ext. 8114 for any collection sent by courier/mail.

Where can I send my kidney stone for analysis?

Please bring your stone to the clinic and it will be sent to the lab for analysis. Stone analysis can take up to three months.

What if I have a cystine stone?

You will be scheduled in with the nephrologist in the clinic. Medications may be discussed to help prevent another kidney stone. Because a cystine stone is not affected by diet, an appointment with the dietitian will not be needed.

For any additional questions or concern feel free to call or email:
Kidney Stone Prevention Clinic
Phone: 416-867-7460 ext. 8114
Email: stoneprevention@smh.ca