COVID-19 information for patients and families

To help protect our people, patients and communities, we are screening everyone who enters our main hospital buildings. Some of our entrances may be closed or have reduced access.

Please check our COVID-19 information page for more updates before coming to our sites.

Information for Surgical Patients

Preparing for Surgery: What to do the day of your surgery

On the morning of your surgery, please follow these guidelines.

  • Do not take oral medicine on the day of your surgery, unless otherwise instructed by your physician.
  • Before you leave home, remember to do the following:
    • bring any medications you take on a daily basis
    • bring an interpreter who can speak English, if needed
  • If you are to receive physiotherapy after surgery, please bring with you:
    • comfortable clothing (such as a tracksuit)
    • bathrobe
    • walking or running shoes
  • Please ask your family to bring your personal items after your surgery, once you have been assigned a room. These may include:
    • toothbrush and toothpaste
    • slippers
    • nightgown

Note: If you are unable to have these items brought later, your clothes and other belongings will be transferred to your postsurgery unit.

  • Do not wear or bring the following:
    • make-up
    • nail polish
    • other cosmetics and perfumes
    • valuables
    • jewellery
    • credit cards

If you bring in the above items, you will be asked you sign a release form.

Leave the following at home:

  • Large amounts of cash. (You may bring a small amount of cash for incidentals, such as a television rental, pay phone, or a newspaper.)
  • Your car
    • You cannot drive home after your operation.
    • You must arrange with a friend or family member to take you home by taxi or car. Have them call 416-864-5736 before noon on the day of your release to arrange your discharge.
    • Under no circumstances are you allowed to travel home by public transportation.
    • You are advised not to attempt to perform any task that requires skill, coordination, or judgement for twenty-four (24) hours after your anesthetic.

Review the information on what to do the day before your surgery.

For more information, refer to the Pre-Admission Facility Pamphlet (49 KB pdf file).